1) If I do not receive any interesting meeting request, the Subscription fee will be refunded, as well?
In the worst-case scenario of no meetings, this amount will not be cash refunded, but it will be credited for the participation in the next nimeetz event, resulting in a ZERO cost for you for the current event, effectively. Since the Subscription fee (CHF 900) includes also the guarantee of at least n. 3 leads, in case of only n. 1 meeting, 33.3% of the amount will be charged and the remaining CHF 600 accrued to the next nimeetz. In case of only n. 2 meeting, 66.6% of the amount will be charged and the remaining CHF 300 accrued to the next nimeetz.
2) Does the Subscription fee also include the cost of guaranteed meetings?

NO. The cost of the meetings is excluded from the Subscription fee and must therefore be added based on the normal FEE-per-LEAD of CHF 200 each. The subscription fee only includes the “guarantee” to hold at least a minimum number of meetings, thus making the subscription fee itself a variable cost and not a fixed cost. Indeed, in the event of a number of meetings lower than the guaranteed one, this fee will be credited totally or partially for the next nimeetz.

3) How does the Artificial Intelligence engine, connected to nimeetz, work?

The nimeetz platform has developed a powerful and effective AI engine internally to pro-actively invite leads for the benefit of each specific Sponsor.

STEP 1) Each Sponsor participating in nimeetz declares which product/service it intends to propose (a maximum of 2 or 3 is recommended) and indicates a series of keywords that describe that product/service and/or the target it is intended for.

STEP 2) The nimeetz AI engine searches the contact database (about 50,000 financial professionals) of FinLantern, promoter of nimeetz, and within various professional networks (e.g. Linkedin) the potential leads for each of the participating Sponsors.

STEP 3) FinLantern, after verifying these lists of potential leads, invites them to register on nimeetz on the basis that they will find precisely that product/service that could be of interest to them, as well as a wide range of other products/services, and they will be able to contact their preferred provider in a 1: 1 video-conference.

STEP 4) Once the Buyer/Investor has registered on nimeetz, he is suggested to send a meeting request to the Sponsor, whose product/service the AI ​​system has found that he should be interested.

4) Why should I have additional representatives?

The possibility to have additional reps is an optional. However, it may give you some important BENEFITS:

1) A higher number of granted meetings (n. 1 additional granted meeting for each additional rep).

2) A potential much higher number of leads. Since each representative has its own agenda, this multiplies the possibility of scheduling meetings (1 rep, up to 20 meetings can be scheduled; 2 reps: up to 40 meetings ; 3 reps: up to 60 meetings …).

3) Higher flexibility, since it will be possible to organize meetings simultaneously.

4) A higher visibility in the Exhibition Loung.

5) It will be easier to contact you and/or find someone of your team available.

5) If a planned video-meeting is not held, will I be charged, as well?

YES. Independently from any reasons, coming from the Seller or the Buyer, if a planned video-call does not take place, it will be charged, anyway. This is because nimeetz has created an “approved lead” to the Sponsor, anyway. This means that the Sponsor receives all contact details of the Buyer and that he will always be able to arrange a conf-call or meeting with him at any time, after the event.

6) How can I be sure of the quality of my “leads”?

When you receive a meeting request from a Buyer/Investor, you can always decide if accepting or rejecting it. Of course, in order to take your decision, you will be able to visit the profile of the Buyer/Investor and ask him for more info on the chat. Furthermore, you have full access to the Networking Lounge and you can contact those Buyers/Investors who are more interesting for you in order to arrange a meeting with them. This means that you have always the full control of the quality of your leads … and you will be charged for these “approved” 1:1 video-meetings, only!

7) What information do Sponsors have about Buyers/Investors who ask them for appointments, in order to decide whether or not to accept the meeting with them?

On nimeetz you can find: name – role – company – professional category and URL to the Buyer’s Linkedin profile. Moreover, it would be also possible to access the FinLantern Community (on the website or APP), where you can find more information on his investment preferences.

8) Is it possible to have a segmentation of Buyers/Investors by geographic area?

YES. In the Networking Lounge you can filter all Buyers/Investors by country. However, for the time being, you cannnot prevent a Buyer/Investor from a different jurisdiction to contact you. For this reason, we suggest all Sponsors to specify in their virtual booth, in the company description section, who they are addressing to. In the next nimeetz edition (summer edition, June 2021), it will be possible to select the jurisdiction of Buyers/Investors, in which the Sponsor is exclusively interested. In this way, only Buyers/Investors who fall within the jurisdiction indicated will be able to contact that Sponsor.

9) Can a Sponsor participate with teams from 2 (or more) different countries?

YES. There will be a unique “virtual booth” and 2 (or more) different representatives from each country. The participation cost will be splitted between all teams, according to the number of meetings held by their representatives. Moreover, this joint-participation will give some economy of scale (they will pay only one Subscription fee of CHF 900 and it will be amortized on the total number of meetings, resulting in a lower cost per lead).

10) Can a Sponsor hold a “many-to-many-meetings”?

YES, it’s possible by booking a “Virtual meeting room” that allows the sponsor to invite both other colleagues (to run the meeting) and 2 or more buyers. The cost for the virtual meeting room is CHF 150 + VAT per day. It is offered free of charge for one day, if a Sponsor has registered a least 3 representatives … and for two days, if it has registered 5+ representatives.

11) Should the optionals be booked in advance or can they also be booked during the event?

YES, they can also be booked during the event: however, note that some optionals may have a 20% extra-cost when requested in a second stage.

12) Is it possible to register two different representatives (with different products), one for each of the 2 days?

At the moment, unfortunately, it is not possible but we are working on this implementation.

13) Can Sponsors invite their contacts to join the event?

YES, This is also incentivized! In fact, in this case, the Sponsor will benefit from a CHF 75 discount for each meeting that his contacts (identified by a specific coupon code used for the registration) have made with exhibitors.

14) When do Buyers/Investors log in the platform and start asking for meetings?

Although nimeetz platform is already opened and a Buyer/Investor can visit the Exhibition Lounge, see the list of Sponsors and their products/services and book meetings at any time, our marketing efforts will encourage Buyers/Investors to send their meeting requests starting from 2/3 weeks before the event (March 16-17).

15) What does it happen to the pre-payment of the 5 leads (CHF 1000) if less than 5 video-meetings are made?

After the event, all accepted meeting requests will be counted.

A. If they are lower than 5, an immediate cash refund for the differencewill be made to the Sponsor.

B. Alternatively, instead of the cash refund, the Sponsor may decide to accrue a credit to be used during a next nimeetz. In this case, the value of the credit will be increased by 10% 

C. Vice versa, if they are higher than 5, an invoice will be issued to the Sponsor for the difference.

16) Does the Sponsor also have to pay for meetings with Buyers/Investors who have not turned out to be interested in my product/service?

YES. nimeetz is a fantastic “lead” generation platform and gives you all the tools to check “ex ante” the quality of your contacts. However, it cannot grant that a “lead” may turn into a “prospect” (which would cause probably a cost of nimeetz service around 10 times higher).

17) Does the Sponsor also have to pay for meetings with Buyers/Investors who, in the end, wanted to sell their products/services?

NO. It is expressly forbidden for all Buyers/Investors who have been selected and who have received the privilege of joining nimeetz to try to sell, offer or advertise products and services to Sponsors (otherwise, this could be allowed towards other Buyers/Investors present in the Networking Lounge). As a consequence, in case a Sponsor receives offers from Buyers, the former may report it to the nimeetz organization, specifying the name of the Buyer, and this meeting will not be counted in the final invoice. The Buyer will receive an official warning and, if this behavior were to repeat, he could be banned from nimeetz.

18) Does the Sponsor also have to pay for meetings with Buyers/Investors met on nimeetz and then contacted outside nimeetz platform and/or in different days of the event?

YES. Regardless of any confirmed request for a meeting between the two parties, the Sponsor must inform the promoter of nimeetz of any links with Buyers/Investors generated thanks to the nimeetz platform and then met or contacted in different ways and times.

19) Do I need any special software for video-meetings?

Absolutely not, you just need an internet connection.

20) May I connect also by phone/tablet?

At the moment, unfortunately, the platform has strong limitations on mobile and tablet devices. We strongly recommend connecting on the PC always.