1. How long before the event can I access the platform?
nimeetz is always available: you can connect at any time. However, the list of Sponsors is constantly updated: we recommend that you connect about ten days before the event, when all the Sponsors will be present.
2. Why should I connect before the event?

We warmly recommend connecting before the event itself in order to have all the time necessary to evaluate the investment proposals/services posted on the platform and, above all, to immediately fix the video-meetings, blocking the best slots for you, for the optimization of your own agenda. Moreover, consider that some Sponsors may receive a particularly high number of requests and may quickly run out of slots available.

4. Should I schedule my video-meetings with Sponsors only during the event?

We highly recommend you to schedule all your video-meetings during the event (time optimization, use of a platform ready for video calls, certainty of having the Sponsors available). It is still possible to schedule meetings at other times, but such exceptions should be notified to the promoter.

5. Do I receive a notification for scheduled video meetings?

We are implementing the option that will allow you to record your video-meetings in your outlook/google calendar.

6. What happens if for any reason I am unable to participate in scheduled video-meetings?

You must inform the promoter as soon as possible. Subsequently your data will be shared with the providers with whom you had scheduled video-meetings, to schedule them directly at another time and in other ways

7. Can Sponsors/other users contact me in chat or send me video-meeting requests?

Yes, you can receive contact requests directly from Sponsors/other users who are interested in your profile. We strongly recommend answering all requests (also to avoid leaving requests pending that can block your meeting agenda).

8. For the purposes of counting the 8 video-meetings to receive a lead, do video-meetings with other buyers count?

No, only video- meetings held with Sponsors are counted (with the exception of Sponsors in the ” Media  & Associations Supporters” section).

9. How do I get my gifts/prizes?

The “participation” gift will be sent to you automatically. If you have made 8 video-meetings, please fill out the appropriate form in order to obtain your lead.

10. If I invite colleagues and/or professional contacts to join nimeetz, do I have any advantages?

Absolutely yes!

Buyers/Investors: the meetings made by your contacts (identified by your personal code) will count towards the release of a lead for you.

Sponsors: for every Sponsor you bring us, you earn a lead!

11. What does it mean to be “Buyer Vip”?

You become a Buyer “VIP” following the confirmation by Sponsors of at least 2 video-meetings. The Buyer  “VIP” can access the Networking Lounge, see and contact all users (Sponsors and other Buyers/Investors)

12. Do I need any special software for video-meetings?

Absolutely not, you just need an internet connection.

13. May I connect also by phone/tablet?

At the moment, unfortunately, the platform has strong limitations on mobile and tablet devices. We strongly recommend connecting on the PC always.

14. Does nimeetz cost?

nimeetz is absolutely free for all professional buyers/investors. Please, send us your participation request with your linkedin profile/business card and we will send you a FREE COUPON CODE for registration.